No Jobs Listed? Register an Interest

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No current opportunities that are appropriate to your skills, experience or ambitions, but you’d still like to know if something comes up that is?


Send us an email to jobs@rpssoftware.co.uk containing;




Job Experience

Contact Number


If we have something that matches your experience criteria then we’ll be in touch.

In the event that we do have a position that matches you experience criteria, we have an application process that has been designed to ensure that you understand exactly what were looking for in a candidate (and what to expect from us!).

Below you will find an overview of our recruitment process which you will need to follow if a job opening becomes available.

Outline of the Process

The first step will be to carefully complete the application form found on the job advert, and write your application letter (yes: we know it’s a pain, but you didn’t think it was going to be easy, did you?)

We don’t just want a CV (although by all means send one).

If we like what we see, we’ll give you a short telephone interview (Developers: we will set you a development test, in your favourite language).

If that works out, we’ll invite you to our office and you’ll spend a few hours with members of our team (Developers: We’ll ask you to write or debug some code.)

During your time with us, we will put you through a series of personality and technical tests to prove you’re as good as you say.

Developers: Applicants making elementary mistakes will be rejected (we need someone careful. Did I mention that?).

When applying

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Email us a personalised email to jobs@rpssoftware.co.uk saying:
    • why you would particularly like to work for RPS
    • any particular reasons why you think we would benefit from employing you.
    • what you think you will gain from working with us
    • what are your career aspirations
    • and anything else that you feel we may be interested in
  3. Please DON’T just send us a CV. We are happy to accept your CV in addition to the application form and letter if you feel that it will help us in the recruitment process.
  4. We do not deal with agencies.

We will provide a response to all applicants as the selection process is progressing. Thank you for your interest in RPS!