Augmented Reality – The future is already here with RoofWright Plus.

RPS Software has incorporated the future of design for those selling conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms by introducing Augmented Reality into the latest RoofWright update. 

Commenting on the launch of the latest version of RoofWright Director of Operations Cath Wright said, “we have been working over an extended period of time to bring Augmented Reality to market, and now it is here even we are amazed at its quality and its potential.” 

“For those selling conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms Augmented Reality will be completely game changing. Put yourself in the shoes of a homeowner and imagine how spectacular it will be for them to see their dream room come to life – quite literally – in front of their eyes. Using our innovative code share feature, the installer can now send the design straight to the homeowner. They can then project the design on to the back of their home and see it in its true scale simply by using a Tablet”. 

“Code sharing is one of the many great features of our new AR programme, other great features include the ability to amend and then reshare designs, the ‘unreal’ viewer which embraces the absolutely latest technology for graphics and imagery, and the AR experience itself.” 

“We already know from trialling with customers that conversion rates are going up, and it is absolutely clear that by involving homeowners directly in the design process the opportunity to convert an enquiry into a sale increases significantly.” 

“There are many other home improvement industries promoting the same technology and it is great to see our industry right there with them at the forefront of offering these cutting edge design tools. Here at RPS Software we have engaged some of the brightest young developers around to bring the same graphics and technology you expect in the gaming industry to our programmes. We have been working in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University for a number of years, and this has delivered us some of the most talented designers in the industry.” 

“I would encourage anybody who is selling conservatories, orangeries or other outdoor space to take a look at our Augmented Reality programmes. We have the future of design here right now; it is a truly exciting time to be involved in this sector of the marketplace, and homeowners themselves are already waking up to the potential of this kind of software as a part of their individual customer journey.”

If you are interested in learning more about our Augmented Reality programmes, simply click “Start For Free Now” at the top right of this page ,or email the team at and ask for a demonstration. 

As with all our products, Augmented Reality is dongle free, and as a customer you simply sign up to a rolling monthly contract rather than a fixed term Agreement. 

A 30 day free trial is also available as the perfect starting point for those wanting to try this incredible software for themselves.