Next generation software is the focus for RPS Software

Next generation software is the focus for RPS Software

The FIT Show will see RPS Software role out its ‘next generation’ of design software for those selling conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms to the nation’s homeowners.

Cath Wright, Director of Operations explains: ‘Our mission statement has set the tone for our business for some time now, that our focus is on delivering outstanding customer service, and being known for bringing outstanding new innovative products to market. The FIT Show is the perfect platform to enable us to achieve the latter and our team of design engineers has been working tirelessly to create what we believe is the next generation of software for those in the market to sell conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms.’

‘We are focussed on what we refer to as ‘unreal world’ in terms of software development, that is to say, software that provides the end user an experience that is as close to ‘real’ as it is possible to get, but is based on outstanding graphics, the finest detailing, and a truly immersive experience.’

‘We know from talking to our customers that those who use our software packages see higher than average conversion rates from their sales teams, and this next generation of software will add even more value.’

‘Imagine yourself as a homeowner and a sales person coming to sell you your dream space; you are transported into a new world where a photo of your home is uploaded into the software and a conservatory in 3D is designed onto it; you can change the design, the colour and frame styles as you aspire to truly match the picture in your mind’s eye and to make your dream a reality.  What is more you can view this not only from the outside, but also, ultimately from the inside. You can walk into your new conservatory from the inside of your home.’

‘It is a truly immersive experience for the homeowner and will provide even greater support for sales people in the industry by providing them with the most complete toolkits imaginable. We are truly excited to be able to show these products at the FIT Show in May.’

RPS has worked for many years now with Liverpool John Moores University to support the development of some of the most talented young software designers around, bringing the game engine technology that so many enjoy socially into the industry. The quality of graphics and technical possibilities are advanced to a level seldom seen in our industry and at the FIT Show RPS will be demonstrating both Virtual Reality, but Augmented Reality packages. 

Cath continues ‘We work with many of the biggest names in the industry at a system house level to provide software to their installers, and we also work directly with many smaller installation companies involved in selling conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms.  We would like to invite everybody to visit our stand (R65) to see for themselves the incredible opportunities that exist for them in our software’.

‘Additionally we will be demonstrating our ‘lite’ package which runs simply from a tablet without the need to have our full system, and also supports incredible design features to help the sales process.’

‘Our aim is to set new standards in design software and to give our customers the most innovative tools imaginable. It is a really exciting time for the software sector in the industry and we want to be leading the way to ensure we can help our customers achieve their business goals.’