Profitable Conservatory Marketing – Chapter 6

Welcome to chapter 6 of the RPS Software guide to profitable conservatory marketing.

Introduction – Marketing is a PROCESS

Often, people think of marketing as an event, such as placing an advert or exhibiting at a show. However, marketing is about relationships with other people. This lasts longer than a simple advert or single event and is all about regular communications.

The more often you communicate, the more your customer is likely to trust you and the more likely they are to buy from you when they are ready. There is much more about this throughout the chapters of the book, and in the individual sections which we are releasing now for people to download.

In this sixth chapter we concentrate on Article Marketing.

This is not something which will appeal to everyone, and it takes a while to take effect, but can have huge benefits to your website ratings on Google and other search engines. And it’s something that very few people are doing at the moment.

What is article marketing?

Very simply it involves you, or your agents, producing a series of articles on the web. These articles need to be informative items about any subject which you think might interest your customer base. Even though you aren’t directly going to send them to your customers, they will get to find them.

What is critical is that the article is genuinely useful and isn’t simply an advertisement or promotional piece. In fact it shouldn’t mention you at all in the body of the article, but just in the footer at the end.

What’s the point?

As the author, you will mention your name and some details of how you can help customers, including links to your website. You can then submit your article through a service that will automatically distribute it to over 1000 different websites specialising in publishing articles on a huge variety of different things.

Typically our articles will get published on 20-30 websites that we know of, and many more which never tell us. Each of these sites will provide a link back to your website. These links are one of the main criteria which Google uses to decide how relevant your website is, and hence where you appear on their search results page.

Also, when prospects read your article, and you can offer something compelling, such as a free online video, advice in your area etc., then these articles become another lead source.

In addition, the articles will build your credibility. If a prospect decides to research you on the web, and you appear as the author of an article on, say, avoiding condensation in your conservatory, then they will be impressed that you’re an expert and not some fly-by-night company.

How Do I Start

You don’t have to write these articles yourself – there are lots of services who will write articles for you, but you’ll need to brief them on what you think is relevant. These articles can then be distributed using services such as “Submit Your Article” at:

One of the keys to this is to be specific. Don’t write about conservatories in general, but more details such as specific designs, ground conditions etc. Each article needs to discuss one subject in some depth, not lots of subjects.