RPS Customer Software Recommendations

RPS Software Recomendations

In the ever-evolving landscape of conservatory, orangery and garden room sales, the need to embrace innovative tools is paramount to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

RoofWright has always been a game-changer, providing industry leading tools for designing, pricing, and selling.  But we recognise we can’t offer everything you might need; there are thousands of tools out there created with millions of pounds of investment, research and development.

The synergy of RoofWright with some of these external tools can help you to increase your sales and elevate your company’s brand.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into seven indispensable tools, including two RoofWright products, that can reshape your sales journey

1. RoofWright Lite: Sales on the move.

Designed mainly for use on tablets, RoofWright Lite’s flexibility allows for on-the-spot presentations, in the customers home, or in any other environment where you find yourself out of your showroom or office.

The first Ipad was released in 2013 making it still a relatively new tool. Since then tablets have become increasingly powerful and versatile. We want to empower you to make the most of this technology and have committed to developing RoofWright Lite into a comprehensive design tool. This is reflected in the recent updates to the app including a graphics upgrade, new pricing mechanism and Augmented Reality features all being released over the course of 2023.

The real show stopper is using the new Augmented Reality feature that allows you to display the design on the back of the customers house in real time.

This technology uses the camera to fix the design in place, allowing the homeowner to walk around the design and view it from all angles. This brings your customers’ vision to life and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, and other quotations they will receive.

2. RoofWright Plus: Elevating Your Designs

RoofWright Plus is the second tool we would recommend from within our own software suite. We promise not everything on the list is from us; however there are many new powerful features we have added that you can utilise that have not yet been picked up by our wider user base. Allowing you to get ahead of the competition are things such as:

The Simplified House Designer  is a new feature that underpins presentations by offering a library of popular house styles. This not only adds realism to the conservatory or orangery design but also helps you when explaining choices to homeowners.  This may include explaining why a Lean to is more suitable than an Edwardian or why a certain frame layout may let more natural light in.

The Enhanced 3D viewer ensures high-end graphics for awe-inspiring visuals, allowing you to create stunning images and videos which can then be used alongside some of the tools we mention later. While you can produce higher end visuals with some of the other rendering engines such as blender, sketchup and lumion, the ease and speed of with which you can produce visuals in the 3D viewer really sets it apart. A typical design process in Blender may take of a few hours but takes just a single click in the viewer.

We have achieved this by converting our platform to the Unity games engine.  By using this platform we are utilising a graphics engine that gets 100s of millions of pounds worth of development annually, and with the gaming industry now surpassing the Film and Music Industry in terms of revenue we can expect lots of new features and capabilities that will be passed to you.

 The Code Sharing Mechanism  allows designs to be shared seamlessly with homeowners in a 3D environment,  on a range of devices. Previously you could only show your design to the customer in a 3D environment when with them in person. This means that when you are doing remote sales the customer isn’t getting a full picture of what the design may look like as they are restricted to the preset views. With the RoofWright Design sharing mechanism you can send your customer an email with a link to download the viewer and a unique code to view their design. They can view this on a tablet, PC or Smart phone.

 This is the standout feature of the Plus package as it has the benefits of sharing the design as well as the enhanced visuals of the 3D viewer and the augmented reality feature.

3. Canva: Crafting Stunning Reports and Videos

In the field of design and presentation, Canva has emerged as a powerhouse. While RoofWright provides robust reporting capabilities, Canva takes it a step further with its dedicated and market-leading platform. When used in conjunction with RoofWright, the platform’s extensive library of icons, stock images, music, and templates enables you to create personalised and visually striking sales presentations.

When used properly you can be assured that your sales presentations will leave a lasting impression.

4. Screen Capture Tools: Showcasing Your Designs

The ability to showcase designs effectively is key in the sales process. Screen capture tools such as OBS for recordings and Tinytake or Lightshot for snapshots provide the means to capture the essence of your designs. Imagine recording a cinematic walkthrough of a meticulously designed conservatory using RoofWright’s 3D viewer, creating a compelling visual narrative for your customers.

5. 3D Rendering Software: Adding Photorealism

While RoofWright’s enhanced 3D viewer offers impressive visuals, external tools like Blender, SketchUp, and Lumion introduce the concept of photorealism. These tools, developed by industry giants with vast resources, allow for the creation of stunning, lifelike images. Although they may require a steeper learning curve and a high-end machine, mastering these tools can provide unparalleled flexibility in design, enabling sales professionals to showcase conservatories in diverse environments and even incorporate animations for a truly immersive experience.

Note that while we aren’t quite there yet the 3D viewer may catch up with the visuals you can produce with these software suites in the not-too-distant future.

RoofWright supports the use of these tools via 3D exports, allowing for different formats including OBJ, STL and Collada (DAE) files.

6. Chat GPT: Harnessing AI for Custom Content

The evolution of AI has ushered in a new era for custom content creation. Chat GPT, powered by advanced language models, offers sales professionals a unique tool for generating tailor-made content. Picture using Chat GPT to effortlessly create a short sales text for a specific conservatory – a tool that adapts to your needs, streamlining the content creation process and ensuring consistency and quality.

7. Google Bard: Unleashing Market Research Insights

The power of data cannot be overstated in modern sales. Google Bard emerges as a valuable companion for market research, providing insights that can inform your sales strategy. Combining data-driven insights from Google Bard with the content generation capabilities of Chat GPT, can create a synergy that propels your presentations and sales pitches to new heights.


As you embark on your sales journey, the integration of these tools with RoofWright is not just an enhancement but a strategic move towards staying at the forefront of what the industry can offer to homeowners, and ahead of your competition. Each tool brings a unique dimension, contributing to a seamless, professional, and effective sales process. While not every tool may be essential, the investment in mastering some or all of them can set your company apart, helping to drive increased sales, elevated customer engagement, and a reputation for innovation in the market.