RPS Software Feature On Glazing Insider Podcast

The team at RPS Software spent an enjoyable morning with Richard Lannen from the Glazing Insider recently creating a podcast in which they spoke about all things ‘software development’.

For Richard it was a look back as well as a look forward. “I have personally used the RPS RoofWright software in our family business to create stunning designs for customers wanting conservatories and orangeries, so I know first-hand just how good the software is”.

“What I didn’t know of course was what the plans were for further development, so it was great to speak to the team and hear the exciting development plans they have ahead of them, including their homeowner Augmented Reality feature, and their unique code sharing tool which enables a potential customer to hold the design of their new conservatory up to their house in 3D, simply on an Ipad or smart phone”.

“These are the sort of conversations you get into during a podcast, and it is amazing that without fail you hear of something really exciting being developed for the benefit of the industry by those who lead in their field”.

Speaking for RPS Software, Director of Operations Cath Wright said, “We enjoyed making the podcast every bit a much as Richard did, it really helped us to realise how far we had come from our humble beginnings, and indeed what an exciting journey we have ahead of us in terms of the development of the software for those selling conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms”.

People can listen to the podcast ⬇ below ⬇ or directly on the Glazing Insider website here.