The more you can involve your customer in the design process ….

The more you can involve your customer in the design process, the better the
chance of making the sale. So says Dave Elam from Coral Windows, who have
been working with RPS Software for close to 10 years now.
“There is no doubt that the RPS design packages our sales team use helps them
to convert more than their fair share of enquiries. We all recognise that when
people are thinking about a conservatory, orangery or other room space it is
very much a dream for them, and the more we can get them involved at the
earliest stages of the design process the more engaged they become”.
“The RPS design packages are perfect to enable this, allowing us to create the
designs there and then in the customer’s home. It is one of the reasons we
have worked with RPS for close to 10 years now. With new developments in
the pipeline I can only see the relationship developing even further”.
“The other reason we have such a great relationship with RPS is because of the
outstanding service we receive from Tom, Marcel and the rest of the team.
They are always keen to help and fully supportive of our needs. It makes them
a true partner to Coral Windows and helps our business to thrive”.
Dave Elam, Costings Manager – Coral Windows