RoofWright contains an incredibly powerful pricing mechanism, which is used by many of the UK’s leading installers and fabricators.

Roofs, frames, basework and ancillaries can all be priced using a variety of mechanisms, including matrix-based pricing and cost-plus (or combinations of the two!)

Roof Pricing

There are many ways of pricing a roof, varying from simple cost per square metre, through industry-standard matrices and even down to cost-plus manufacturing prices. We have comprehensive prices fro most of the major roof manufacturers in the UK, so it’s likely we can set you up very quickly with roof pricing

Frame Pricing

We price frames using matrices or a simplified cost-plus-uplift. Assuming the cooperation of your frame manufacturer, these prices can be set up by you, or we can do it for you at a reasonable charge.

Basework Pricing

Basework is one of the major cost areas for a conservatory. You can either use our simple basework pricing, or go a step further and use the ancillary mehchanism to calculate every element of your basework price.


Our unique sales-checklist allows you to capture your sales process as a series of questions, and automatically re-calculate the overall price as questions are answered.

How Do I Get It?

Automated Pricing is included in RoofWright Silver and RoofWright Gold.

If you don’t already have RoofWright, you can take your risk-free trial here.

If you already have RoofWright and would like to upgrade, simply call us on (0161) 426 1120 or email us at

If you’d like us to help you configure pricing, we can provide your with a quotation for doing this.