Orangery Designer Module

Our Orangery Designer Module helps you design and sell orangeries. Drawings that previously could take hours can now be created in minutes.

Traditional brick or stone orangeries can be designed in minutes, for example:-


A Brick Orangery

In addition, traditional timber-style orangeries are also supported


A Timber Orangery

And there’s more – lintels and cills can be shown as square or tapered, and the material changed.

lintels    ;  sills

Different Lintel Styles

And the roof can be shown in full detail (product details for all major roofs available)


Part of an Orangery Roof Printed using RoofWright

How Do I Get it?

If you don’t already have RoofWright, you can take a risk-free trial here.

The orangery Designer is include in RoofWright Gold and can be added to RoofWright Silver or RoofWright Bronze.

To add orangeries to your contract, simply call us on (0161) 426 1120 or email us on