Our Unique Sales Check List

During the sales process, you ask series of questions to understand your customer’s needs. When done carefully, this is an excellent opportunity to make the customer aware of other products they may need. For example, they may not know or have thought about things such as underfloor heating or air conditioning. By asking the question, it makes them aware that such things are possible and may add significantly to the value of the sale.

Less Experienced Sales People

If you employ other sales people, they may not be as effective as you, partly due to lack of experience. By creating a sales checklist in RoofWright, they can be guided through a series of questions to ensure that they don’t miss anything. This will also give them confidence – a vital ingredient in any successful sale!

Eliminate Costing Errors

As questions are answered, some of them will have an impact on the cost of the job. Each answer recalculates the price in the background, so you know that the price you quote the customer will always be correct.

A Simple Example

The ancillary mechanism allows you fine control over other costs and prices – in the snapshot below a question has been set up to identify whether the user requires planning.



During the sales process, the salesman is prompted as follows:-


This ensures that the question has been asked, and the work charged for!

How Do I Get it?

The Sales Check List is included in RoofWright Gold and RoofWright Silver.

If you don’t already have RoofWright, you can take your risk-free trial here.

If you have Express or Bronze (which don’t include the sales checklist), you can upgrade by simply calling us on (0161) 426 1120 or emailing us on sales@roofwright.com