NEW RoofWright Solid Roof

As the desire for Solid Roof extensions have become increasingly popular for both new structures and retrofitting to existing conservatories, we have strived to make it easy for you to cater to this market.

Now you can create stunning 3D drawings of solid Roof extensions using RoofWright, drawing internally plastered vaulted ceilings, multiple layer build up (insulation, OSB, Tiles) and Velux pivoting roof lights.

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So What Do I Do Now?

In order to make use of this feature, you will need to have the Solid Roof License on your dongle.
This module is an add-on available to Bronze and Silver packages and comes included with any Gold package with valid support.
To activate this feature, call us on…

0161 426 1120, or email us on

The RoofWright Team