Very Good and Very Helpful

We spoke to Greg Simms recently at T&K Home Improvements in
Northamptonshire. Greg and his team have been using our software for over
12 years, and we wanted to know how it helps his business, and what he
enjoys the most about working with ourselves. This is what he said:

“For me, the main benefit of any kind of software is that it supports efficiency
in the business and enhances the customer journey. I’ll be the first to admit
that we don’t use the system to its extent yet, that’s something for us to look
at going forward, but the features we do use give us great control over our
operation, and great efficiency.”

“Using the pricing models and technical drawings enables our sales team to
offer the most accurate price proposals to our customers, and a clear
visualisation of exactly what they are going to receive. From our point of view,
the system enables us to share this information electronically with our roof
suppliers. Ordering electronically means no double handling and no potential
for errors and is one of the ways the software system supports us in our efforts
to provide the most outstanding service to our customers.”

“I would encourage everybody to use technology to support their business,
wherever possible, and working with RPS RoofWright gives me confidence that
I can continue to develop solutions and bespoke reports to help us further.”

“The team are very good and very helpful and most importantly they are
always willing to listen to our feedback as a customer out in the field. It is a
very positive relationship and one which I hope lasts for a long time to come.”