First class!

Leandro Brown, one of our apps development team has graduated with a Bachelor of Science first class honours degree from Liverpool John Moores University. It is the culmination of four years dedication to his career, working on the degree during his very busy working week.

Speaking about the achievement Leandro said “I have been with RPS Software for nearly 10 years now and for the last four of them have been working on a Software Engineering Degree with Liverpool John Moores University. I really wanted to give myself the best opportunity to be successful in my career, and to be able to contribute to RPS to the very best of my ability in what is a dynamic and ever changing field. Taking this degree was the perfect platform for me to really get the best knowledge possible and I am delighted that I did it. It has been a great experience.”

Speaking for RPS Software Director of Operations Cath Wright said, “The whole team is absolutely delighted for Leandro, not only for achieving his degree through such hard work and dedication, but to do so with a First is a real sign of not only his commitment but his talent as well.”

“We are in a long term partnership with John Moores University and are keen to help our staff develop wherever we can. We work in a very specialist field and want to have the brightest and most talented software engineers around working with us, bringing the things that people experience every day now in terms of software design and functionality directly into our own software programmes.  The developments that are ongoing such as Augmented Reality are truly ground breaking, and as a company we want to lead the way in our industry. Leandro and his colleagues are a massive part of that process and achievements such as his create a real buzz around the whole company.”