RPS Software Mission Statement

RPS RoofWright is delighted to announce its new mission statement following
a strategic review of its business.

‘Supporting our customers to achieve their business goals by providing innovative industry-leading products and outstanding service levels’ is the
statement and encapsulates three key elements which are fundamental to the
ethos of the business – ‘Customers’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Service’.

Speaking about the statement Director of Operations Cath Wright said “we
have wanted to issue a new mission statement for some time, something that
really speaks to what we are about. These things always take some time, but
the new statement is something the whole team here has inputted to and is
fully behind, and we are delighted to launch it.”

“We think it truly encapsulates what we are about, starting with our
customers, and how we think we can help them to get to where they want to
be with their businesses by continually innovating exciting new products and
backing this up by delivering outstanding service levels, always.”

“It is a really exciting time for us going forward with the latest tablet app just
launched to the market, a commitment to attend the FIT Show in 2022 and
some amazing industry-leading innovative products just around the corner”!