RPS Software feature in June edition of Windows Active Magazine

We were recently asked to contribute an article to the Windows Active Magazine talking about software development and how it can help those involved in the sales of Conservatories, Orangeries and Garden Rooms.  The piece was featured in the June edition, with thanks to editor John Cowie.

Game Engine Technology, 3D Viewers and Code Sharing set to revolutionise Conservatory Sales.

Marcel Brown, Business Development Executive at RPS Software explains how innovation in software is giving those involved in selling conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms a set of tools they have never had before.

After starting in the support team at RPS Software, providers of the RoofWright design programmes, Marcel recently graduated to become Business Development Executive for the company, with responsibility for generating new sales opportunities and most importantly for ensuring there is a direct link between the company’s existing customer base and its software design team.

“The latter point is really important” says Marcel, “the development of software cannot be done in isolation. I would argue that we have some of the most talented developers in the industry, but without feedback and input from our customer base it would be very easy for us to head down the wrong path when it comes to enhancements to our software”.

“It is a process that in recent times has helped us to successfully develop some of the most advanced tools the market has seen for those involved in the selling of conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms. Homeowners now have an expectation when someone is trying to sell them a high value lifestyle product for their home, and we, and I’m sure our competitors in the industry recognise that we need to meet those expectations”.

“We have all seen for example the kitchen companies on TV majoring on the use of Virtual Reality, and how that offering has propelled those using it right to the front of people’s minds when choosing which company to use for what will be a significant investment on their part. As an industry we need to ensure that we match, and if we can, exceed what other players in the Home Improvement market are doing”.

“It’s to the credit of the senior management team here at RPS Software that they saw this coming a few years back and signed up to a technology transfer agreement with Liverpool John Moore’s University to research and develop the use of game engine technology for our software. Whether you are into computer games or not, you can’t avoid the TV adverts which promote them, and the standout feature is the incredible realism of the graphics. It’s that same technology that through our partnership with the University we have brought to the industry, and we know where sales teams use these graphics to design and show homeowners how their new rooms will look sales go up. It is an inescapable fact that homeowners in the market for a new conservatory want to be wowed. Using this technology enables our customers to deliver on that”.

“It is an inescapable fact that home owners in the market for a new conservatory want to be wowed”.

But that’s just the start of it. Virtual Reality and now Augmented Reality are the minimum standard that our customers should expect from us. We have supplemented this with the addition of a 3D Viewer which means, quite literally that a home owner can offer a design up to the back of their house in real time to see exactly how it will look, and what’s more can view it from the inside as well. This opportunity is enabled by the use of our code sharing feature which allows our customers to export a home owner’s design via an app, viewable simply on a smartphone or tablet. The impact is amazing, it’s technology working to its optimum performance”.

“As mentioned previously, it is only through having a direct interface with our customers that we can continue to take their feedback about what we need to do to keep them ahead of their competitors for home owner spend in the market, and to help drive our industry to lead the market wherever we can. Having only recently started my new role as Business Development Executive, being a part of this process is one of the most exciting aspects of the role, and seeing new developments come back from our design team to share with our customers is a real thrill.”