RoofWright X
Our Biggest Update Yet

RoofWright X is the culmination of multiple projects that we at RPS have been working on over the past 2 years. 

As well as numerous bug fixes, new features have been designed to let you take your customer on a journey from their initial idea of what they would like, to a beautiful, costed proposal in minutes.

You can do this in front of your customer, engaging them in the design process.

The moment they see their dream appearing you’ll be working together as a team.

Conservatory 3D render image
Orangery Render Image
Multiple Roofs

The Introduction of multiple roofs allows for a wide range of designs many of which would have been difficult or impossible for you to draw in previous versions of RoofWright.

With RoofWright X your pc/desktop suddenly becomes a place where an unlimited number of conservatory styles, colours, sizes and finishes spring into life in front of the customer.

Garden Rooms

If you sell Garden rooms then RoofWright X will become an essential tool to use in your sales process.

Pick from a massive library of templates, claddings and layouts to tailor your design to your customer's specifications.

With RoofWright you can even  superimpose completed designs onto an image of your customer's garden so they can see how their completed design will look.

Garden Room 3D render image
Photo Realistic Conservatory Design
Photo Finish

People, by their very nature, respond more strongly to what they can see, which makes our software an incredibly powerful sales tool.

Our new "Photo Finish" viewer  uses  a world class rendering engine to display your customer's design like never before.

The new lighting, realistic backgrounds and 3D textures will revolutionise your presentations and designs.

New plans & Pricing

 We have introduced a new pricing structure to reflect all the new products and features.

Existing customers can stick with their existing plan and still receive updates and bug fixes, but won’t benefit from the new features above unless they migrate to the new pricing structure.


No matter the size of your company you will be able to find the perfect RoofWright Package for you. 

For more information on our new plans and pricing please visit the pricing page.