‘Outstanding’ Award for RPS Software

RPS Software has been recognised as ‘Outstanding’ for their work with Liverpool John Moores University in developing design software for use in the Conservatory, Orangery and Garden Room markets that is based on the latest game engine technology.

Working with RPS for over 25 years

“There is no doubt that the RPS software is a brilliant sales tool. Being able to show potential customers just how the new room for their home that they have in their mind’s eye is going to look in reality is a major plus point.

First class!

Leandro Brown, one of our apps development team has graduated with a Bachelor of Science first class honours degree from Liverpool John Moores University.

RoofWright Photo Shoot Day

We had a great day recently with most of our team together in one place for the first time since lockdown to do a photoshoot for the new team page on our website.